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Frequently asked questions

Professor ParFit has taken time out of his busy schedule to help answer some of your most pressing questions:

Q: Are ParFit elements made to the same standards as Parker original elements?

A: Yes, ParFit elements are manufactured to the same exacting standards as Parker original elements, using high performance multi-layer media packs.

Q: Will my ParFit element perform as well as the original element?

A: Yes, all ParFit elements are designed to be fully interchangeable with the original element and to perform to the same or better standards.

Q: If I cannot find the cross reference that I am looking for on the cross reference search engine, ParFit Element Selector, where can I go for further help?

A: You may like to "Ask Professor ParFit" your question to see if he can help find a ParFit element that matches against your reference.

Q: Where can I buy a ParFit element?

A: ParFit elements are available throughout a comprehensive network of distributors. To find a ParFit distributor, contact your local Parker Sales Company.

Q: What standards are ParFit elements manufactured to?

A: All ParFit elements are made to the latest relevant ISO standards for manufacture and testing.

Q: How can I find a ParFit part number when I am out in the field and do not have access to the internet?

A: The ParFit cross reference data is reproduced in a handy pocket sized booklet. Contact your local Parker Sales Company to request your copy.

Q: Where can I get the latest and most up to date information on ParFit element cross references?

A: The cross reference database is constantly growing, so for the most up to date information use the ParFit Element Selector.

Q: If I need more specific information on a particular ParFit element, where can I go to get it?

A:The most popular ParFit elements are all supported by technical data sheets. These data sheets are available from your local Parker Sales Company.

Q: Are ParFit elements, just for hydraulic and lubrication applications?

A: No, ParFit elements are also available for Marine filtration applications as well.

Q: If I find a ParFit element available in a micron rating different from the one that I am interested in, is it possible to produce an element to my exact requirements?

A: Specific requests are being received all the time. The element that you are interested in may already be available but not published as available yet on the internet. Contact your local Parker Sales Company, or you may wish to "Ask Professor ParFit" a question.

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