Industrial Revolution

Since the start of the industrial revolution, mankind is on a continuous journey to implement new technologies and innovations for a wide variety of industrial markets.

Our philosophy is to improve the productivity, controllibility and reliability of mobile equipment without sacrificing safety.

Parker Filtration Solutions

  • Filtration for working hydraulic and control systems
  • Drive train filtration systems
  • Energy transfer systems
  • Lubrication systems
  • System fluid & filter condition monitoring
  • Process filtration

Filtration Technology

  • Full flow filtration (Fibre type and metal mesh media)
  • Off-line & bypass filtration
  • Electronic fluid conditioning
  • Oil purifiers
  • Back flush filtration
  • Magnetic filtration

Improving Productivity

Modern industrial applications calls for solutions often capable of remote operation wiht the need for servicing between scheduled service events. At the same time, the demands for improved overall productivity puts forward more stringent demands related to filtration.

It is not only the higher level of productivity that counts. As equipment more often operates in hazardous or unmanned areas, thigher levels of reliability are needed to improve safety.

With contamination typically responsible for over 80% of malfunction of systems, not only filtration but also condition monitoring fulfil a vital role.

Our value focus areas provides unique opportuntities to develop competitive advantage and cost reductions in the entire Activity Value Chain.

Activity Value Chain

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