Protect your investment with effective filtration

Parker provides filtration solutions for a multitude of fuel, gas, hydraulic oil and lubrication systems on-board ship as well as off-shore and on-shore. A wide selection of low and medium pressure multi-purpose filters that offer several different filter elements – environmentally sound choices too – allowing highly customized solutions. Duplex filters and the ability to bank multiple filters together enables continuous filtration during element changes. Parker’s heavy duty solutions for clean fluids and peace of mind.

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Hydraulic Crane

Condition monitoring product area


icountLCM20 is a proven answer to fluid system contamination monitoring...

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Hydraulic filtration product area

100P Series Filter

A high flow rate filter solution where space is at a premium.

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Hydraulic filtration product area

Ecological Pressure Filter

e Parker EPF iprotect® (Ecological High Pressure Filter) is designed to provide high...

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PARFIT™ Element Selector