Cost-effective particle detection and analysis in demanding applications

Parker provides condition monitoring and particle detection solutions for a wide range of fuel, hydraulic oil and lubrication systems on-board ship as well as off-shore and on-shore. A unique selection of robust, reliable and accurate instruments - proven the world over offering environmentally sound choices that allow highly customized solutions to meet customer demands.

In an environment where water ingress is almost inevitable, taking a reactive approach is no longer necessary. Using proven technologies like IR spectroscopy and %RH absorption sensors, GROSS water contamination in your lubrication oils can be a thing of the past.

A coordinated family of innovative fluid condition monitoring and analysis products, which include automatic particle counters, off-line bottle samplers, water in oil monitors, transducers and transmitters, sensors and samplers - providing today’s system condition maintenance solutions.

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Hydraulic Crane


icountLCM20 is a proven answer to fluid system contamination monitoring...

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Hydraulic filtration product area

100P Series Filter

A high flow rate filter solution where space is at a premium.

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Hydraulic filtration product area

Ecological Pressure Filter

e Parker EPF iprotect® (Ecological High Pressure Filter) is designed to provide high...

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