Trade-in Options

Now is the time to revise your particle counting capability.

We at Parker pride ourselves on being one step ahead of the rest when it comes to technology and through the innovation of fluid contamination monitoring products, maintaining a significant lead in the fluid analyzer market. For almost 20 years, we have maintained a design and manufacturing edge that today is ably represented by products such as the Laser CM20 and technically sophisticated products such as the ACM20 and now the Icount range of inline particle detectors. It is because we have such successful laser controlled analysers that, following a ‘Voice of the Customer’ review, we have made the decision to stop manufacturing the ‘White Light’ CM20 Particle Contamination Monitor series allowing us to concentrate on laser control innovations.

Why has Parker withdrawn such a reliable product range?

The simple answer is to protect the future potential service requirements of our existing ‘White Light’ customers and while the original portable analyser remains a proven product with nearly 20 years in the field, electronics innovation means that some internal components have become harder to source. The decision has therefore been taken to protect all remaining CM20 ‘White Light’ components in order to achieve continued support, for a time, to customer’s requiring annual monitor service and repairs only.

When is this product range being withdrawn?

You may have already noticed that we no longer promote the CM20 ‘White Light’ product range in our current Hydraulic Filtration Catalogue (FDHB200UK). Instead, a new section now promotes the latest LCM20 Laser Contamination Monitor product range. As of the 1st January 2008 Parker CMC has ceased all sales of the CM20 ‘White Light’ monitors. Continued support will be given to current outstanding orders, although the customer should be contacted and where possible, converted over to the new LCM20 products.

How long can I continue using my old CM20?

It is anticipated that servicing of the old CM20 will cease as of 1st January 2013. However, this time frame could drop far lower if demand for servicing, repairs and parts increases and certain electronic components become impossible to replace.

We advise that you check annually, in advance and prior to returning your units to the relevant Service Centre.

What APC can I use instead?

The LCM20 Laser Contamination Monitor is a technically advanced product that has already proved itself as the market leader, not only in hydraulic applications, but also encapsulating contamination monitoring of everyday fuels. A superior product that continues to raise the benchmark in both dynamic and offline modern contamination monitoring.

Can I trade-in my old CM20 for the new LCM20?

Yes – We recognise the commitment customers have placed with us over the years, and we want to ensure their fluid contamination capabilities are maintained at the highest levels of efficiency and operation by offering an upgrade package. It is now possible to trade in an old ‘White Light’ CM20 for a market leading LCM20 Laser Contamination Monitor.

How will this work?

All users of any old CM20's can now be offered a trade-in deal to bring their equipment right up to date. Upon return of their old unit, they will receive a replacement Laser CM20, calibrated to the latest ISO calibration standards – LCM202022TRD (for MTD), or LCM202021TRD (for ACFTD) for the older calibration standards, with the full accessories kit included (batteries, power supply etc) in a brand new aluminium case.

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