Parker Returns Policy and Calibration Procedure

Each product returned to an approved Parker Service Centre will have the following:

A visual inspection of all case components.

  • If any components from the support case require replacing, please notify the Service Centre at the time of return.
  • Parker holds no responsibility for case contents and will only replace parts if required or deemed necessary.

An external inspection of the complete assembly.

  • The particle counter will be thoroughly checked for signs of damage or misuse and if necessary an estimate of the cost of repair will be provided.

Full function test, including pressure test up to 420 bar (6,000 psi) and flow test.

  • This includes visual inspection of internal parts, checking for leakages or damage.

Replacement of any defective or damaged parts.

  • No corrective work will be carried out on the particle counter without the authorization from the end user. Only upon the go-ahead, will the unit be repaired.

Recalibration (with a Certificate valid for 12 months).

  • Each unit is calibrated to the relevant ISO standards.

ACFTD (Air Cleaner Fine Test Dust)

  • Conforming to ISO 4402 principles with particle distribution reported to ISO 4406:1996 with the additional 2 micron channel included for reference.

MTD (Medium Test Dust)

  • Via a certified primary ISO 11171 automatic particle counter using ISO 11943 principles, with particle distribution reporting to ISO 4406:1999.
  • The recalibration procedure does not include the replacement of any damaged components that have been deemed defective through negligence or misuse.
  • Carriage will be charged ex. works.